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Policy Basics: Montana’s Property Tax System

The Montana property tax system provides support for local public services, including funding for schools, roads and other infrastructure. Residential property owners pay almost half of all property taxes. Every six years, the state undergoes a reappraisal process to update the property values for purposes of property taxes.

Property Tax Basics

State and local property taxes collected in Montana make up approximately 40% of our total state and local revenue, for a total of $1.34 billion in 2012. The vast majority of these funds are directed toward local governments and schools to invest in critical public services. Eighty-one percent of property tax revenue is invested in local governments, including supporting local schools, public safety, and infrastructure such as roads and bridges. The State of Montana receives about 19 percent of property taxes through statewide mills – to ensure equitable support of local schools, universities and technical colleges.

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