State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences. This blog is the third in a series to bring to light the real-life impacts of the state budget cuts. We began this...

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State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - Targeted case management and mental health services

Targeted case management & mental health services have been drastically cut. "This is taking away the most valuable service of keeping people in...

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FMLA turns 25, but Montana still needs policies to balance family & work

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the enactment of the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), our nation’s unpaid leave law. Much has changed...

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State budget cuts to health and human services reach nearly $100 million

These next few weeks, MBPC will be sharing more information on how the recent budget cuts are impacting Montana families and communities. It’s...

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State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - Closure of 19 outreach offices

Nineteen state DPHHS outreach offices have closed. What does this mean for Montanans? This blog is the first in a series to identify community...

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EITC Awareness Day

As we head into another tax filing season, it’s a great time to remind folks of the important investment the federal earned income tax credit (EITC)...

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Federal Funding: CHIP extended for 6 years, but community health centers still on the funding cliff

Yesterday’s action by Congress brings some good news, some bad news, and a bunch more uncertainty. Over 110 days after federal funds expired, the US...

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A Recap of 2017 and the Work Still Ahead

For MBPC, like many of you, 2017 has been a fast-paced, intense year, and 2018 is already looking to be another busy one. As we reflect on this past...

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