MBPC's Comment on the 1115 Waiver Amendment

Last week, Montana Budget & Policy Center submitted our comments in relation to the proposed amendment to Montana’s 1115 demonstration waiver...

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Wealthiest Should Finally Pay their Fair Share

A recent investigation found that many of the wealthiest Americans pay little to no income tax each year while tens of millions of middle-class...

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The ARPA Commission needs to make housing an integral part of Montana’s post-pandemic recovery plan

Montana communities across the state are facing significant housing shortages, particularly for households living on lower and moderate incomes. The...

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State must act immediately to prevent large SNAP cut from hurting Montanans

At the end of June, Governor Gianforte announced the termination of Montana’s state of emergency. This move effectively ends emergency Supplemental...

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Child Tax Credit Awareness Day

The child tax credit is a federal tax credit that provides relief for nearly all working people with children, lifting many families above the...

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End of Session Tax Bill Round-Up

Montana’s path to economic recovery and future prosperity is dependent upon the state budget, made up with tax revenues. While MBPC helped kill...

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MBPC's Comment on the Proposed End to Pandemic Unemployment Insurance (UI)

On June 8, 2021, the Montana Budget & Policy Center submitted formal comment to the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, raising...

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Montana’s Recovery Depends on Child Care. Relief Funding Can Make it Affordable and Accessible.

Today, Montana KIDS COUNT released a report detailing data on child care availability, quality, and affordability, “Child Care is Critical to a...

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