Helping Seniors: Montanan's Elderly Homeowner and Renter Tax Credit

In honor of Senior Citizen’s Day, MBPC would like to reflect upon a progressive part of Montana’s tax code - the elderly homeowner and renter...

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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2019: Year of Indigenous Languages

Indigenous peoples make up less than 5 percent of the world’s population but speak a majority of the world’s 7,000 languages. According to the...

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Position Announcement: Digital Communications and Design Manager

The Montana Budget & Policy Center (MBPC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing responsible tax, budget, and economic policies...

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MBPC Announces Daliyah Killsback as New State-Tribal Policy Outreach Coordinator

MBPC is excited to announce Daliyah Killsback as our new State-Tribal Policy Outreach Coordinator. Daliyah will conduct research, analysis, and...

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Proposed Changes to SNAP Would Punish Montanans for Working and Saving

Last week, the Trump administration announced its plan to take food assistance away from 3.1 million Americans by proposing a rule change to the...

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It is Time to Decolonize Data

“One of the ways that there is a continuing genocide against American Indians/Alaska Natives is through data. When we are invisible in the data, we...

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Tax Overhauls in the Last Two Decades

This interim, the Montana Legislature will be studying Montana’s overall tax system. House Joint Resolution 35 asks the revenue interim committee to...

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The Latest Plan to Deny Assistance: Shrinking the Poverty Line

The federal administration’s proposal to lower the federal poverty line would cut benefits for most health, nutrition, and assistance programs On...

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