Indian Country

MBPC has a special focus on state-tribal policy to promote sound fiscal and budget policy that can help reverse the history of economic injustice that has led many American Indians to unacceptable levels of poverty, unemployment, and poor health. Our work aims to inform policymakers on how state tax and budget choices affect Indian Country, and to increase the involvement of American Indian leaders in state budget advocacy.

To ensure that the state is making wise investments in tribal communities, MBPC believes that tribal leaders and community members must be involved in the state budgeting process. When American Indians engage in debates on how to invest state funds, legislators can better understand the unique needs of Indian Country. To this end, MBPC works closely with tribal governments, tribal-led organizations, advocacy groups, community members, and educators to assess tribal needs and develop policy proposals.

To further help inform our research on an ongoing basis, MBPC formed a State-Tribal Advisory Council in 2013. S-TAC members, who represent a broad range of demographics including both urban- and reservation-residing Indians, identify important issues in their area of Indian Country.

S-TAC meets annually and members serve two-year terms. Current members include:

Our work includes:

You can get a deeper understanding of our work and policy recommendations by browsing our recent reports.

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