Housing is critical for a family's well-being but an increasing number of households struggle to find and secure a safe and affordable home. Low-income families who face high housing costs are forced to make difficult tradeoffs, forgoing basic necessities in order to keep a roof over their heads. Lack of affordable housing threatens Montana's fiscal health as communities and local government grapple with costs associated with spiking rates of homelessness and demand for emergency services. MBPC is dedicated to studying how housing instability impacts low-income residents and developing policy solutions that support inclusive and economically viable communities.

State and Local Strategies to Improve Housing Affordability

The affordability crisis has put more pressure on states and local jurisdictions to close the funding gap and produce the housing their residents need. In response, state and municipal governments are...

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Investments in Affordable Housing for Renters Strengthens Montana Communities

A growing number of households across Montana are struggling to afford safe and stable housing. Nearly every community in Montana lacks an adequate supply of affordable rental homes, making it...

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MBPC is a nonprofit organization focused on providing credible and timely research and analysis on budget, tax, and economic issues that impact low- and moderate-income Montana families.