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HB 651 – Montana FAMLI Act: A Policy Design Supporting Families and Businesses

The Montana Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (the FAMLI Act) would pool small contributions from employees and employers to create a dedicated...

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HB 2 Executive Action: Budget Subcommittees First Round of Decisions on House Bill 2

The state budget is housed within House Bill 2 and determines the funding to state agencies that provide services across Montana. Starting the second...

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Montana is Systematically Denying Help to Hungry Families 

Over the past few years, a troubling pattern has emerged – Montana lawmakers have been systematically denying hungry families chances to make ends...

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Don’t Be Fooled: Montana Can and Must Invest in Child Care and Housing Solutions for Montana Families

Montana legislators walked into the Capitol on day one of this session, looking at a $2 billion surplus. Due to federal stimulus, in-migration, and...

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