Red Flag Warning: The First Round of Medicaid Redetermination Numbers Are In

Earlier this week, the Department of Public Health and Human Services posted data from the first month of the Medicaid redetermination process. For...

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Montana is Systematically Denying Help to Hungry Families 

Over the past few years, a troubling pattern has emerged – Montana lawmakers have been systematically denying hungry families chances to make ends...

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Don’t Be Fooled: Montana Can and Must Invest in Child Care and Housing Solutions for Montana Families

Montana legislators walked into the Capitol on day one of this session, looking at a $2 billion surplus. Due to federal stimulus, in-migration, and...

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Bad Practice: The Under-Funding of OPD

After years of insufficient funding, it is time for the Senate to bridge the gap in the state’s Office of Public Defender budget by fully funding...

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2023 State-Tribal Legislative Updates

Although the federal budget is crucial in Indian Country, the state budget also impacts tribal communities. Representatives from across Montana...

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Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and Short-term Rebates Rushed Through Before Lawmakers Even See the Full Budget

HELENA, Mont. (Mar. 6, 2023) — A diverse group of stakeholders express great concern at the Legislature rushing through $1 billion in tax cuts that...

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Montana Families Need Postpartum Medicaid Expansion

This session, Montana has the opportunity to help new families access medical care following the birth of a baby. New state option provides health...

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Medicaid Unwinding Requires Communication and Transparency

In early 2020, Congress passed a law that gave states extra federal funds to keep people on their Medicaid rolls during a time of nationwide health...

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