Senate Bill 214 Has Deep Roots in Settler Colonialism

After tabling it on April 1, House Tax voted on April 9 to pass Senate Bill (SB) 214 out of committee. Now, it will move to the House floor for the...

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The Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Won't Work in Montana

Tax policy rarely becomes famous. But when Kansas cut income taxes severely in 2012 and 2013, the state's tax experiment became so well-known it is...

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House Bill 397 Would Increase the Supply of Housing Montanans Can Afford

The Senate Taxation Committee will take executive action this Friday on HB 397, the Montana Workforce Housing Tax Credit. Montana’s workforce...

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House Bill 632: Summary of ARPA Funds

The link below is a short summary of House Bill 632 that appropriate $2.1 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Appropriations...

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SB 100: A Trojan Horse

The legislature is currently considering SB 100. This legislation purports to “prevent fraud” but is riddled with unintended consequences...

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House Bill 621 Would Bring Recreational Cannabis Tax Revenue to Indian Country

In November 2020, Montanans voted to pass I-190 to legalize possession and use of recreational cannabis and to establish a 20 percent tax on...

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Early Action on the Budget Leaves Major Gaps, While Tax Breaks Move Forward

Montanans care deeply about the well-being of their families and neighbors. They want a hopeful and prosperous future for their children, safe...

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Transmittal Update: State-Tribal Legislation

The Montana Legislature has reached transmittal, or the point in the legislative session at which general policy bills must move from one chamber to...

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