Transmittal Break Update on Tax Bills

In February, MBPC saw some important wins as bad tax bills that started making it through the legislative session died and some good legislation moved...

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Montana’s Budget: What is In and What is Out

During the week of February 18th, the joint subcommittees for appropriations took action on their sections of the budget. This provides a quick...

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Medicaid Expansion is Good for Montana Businesses

In case you missed it, in January, the Montana Department of Revenue and Department of Labor and Industry jointly released a report, Montana Medicaid...

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Language Immersion Programs Help Student Success In and Out of the Classroom

Yesterday, February 6th, the House Education Committee heard legislation related to Indian language immersion programs in schools. “Language is...

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House Bill 300: Sales Tax Proposal Makes Montana's Taxes More Regressive and Reduces State Revenue

On Wednesday, February 6, House tax will hear HB 300, Generally revise taxes and the distribution of revenue through sales tax, sponsored by...

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State Investments are Critical to Addressing the High Rates of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

“Too many of our sisters, mothers, and daughters have been left behind by our legal system,” said Rep. Rae Peppers, sponsor of House Bill 21, an...

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Update on Senate & House Tax Bills

With the 2019 Montana Legislature underway, the House and Senate tax committees are working on bills that would change our tax system, for better or...

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Eliminating Water's Edge Election: Making Corporate Taxes Fairer for Montana Main Street

On Tuesday, January 29, the Senate Taxation committee will hear a bill that seeks to make our corporate income tax system fairer for the small...

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