Federal government shutdown causes immediate and lasting damage

It’s now been over a month of the federal government shutdown, and in national news, we often hear about the 800,000 federal workers across the...

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Setting the facts straight on Medicaid expansion

Earlier this month, we saw an opinion piece opposing Medicaid expansion that included a handful of inaccuracies. At MBPC, we know that facts matter....

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MBPC 2019 Legislative Priorities

At MBPC, we believe all Montanans deserve strong, healthy, and safe communities. During the legislative session, we will continue advocating for a...

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Who pays taxes in Montana?

With the Montana legislature in full swing, how Montana’s tax system stacks up to other states, and how we can make it better, is at the top of many...

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Intangible Personal Property Exemption: Shifting Taxes to Homeowners

One of MBPC’s favorite documents was just released, the Department of Revenue’s Biennial Report. The Biennial Report gives an overview of the...

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A Recap of 2018

As we reflect on 2018, we want to thank the many Montanans who supported our work. During this past year, we witnessed the implementation of...

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HELP-Link: Successfully Connecting People with Work

Montana’s expansion of Medicaid, the Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act, has had many economic, health, and employment benefits...

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Arkansas is Kicking Thousands Off Medicaid

If you have a few minutes to watch the story of Adrian McGonigal, you will quickly see why Arkansas’s strict work requirements are not working. ...

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