Farm Bill Series: SNAP Work Requirements Won’t Work for Montana

It’s planting season in Montana – the time of year when we shake off a long winter and look forward to a season of bounty. That makes it the...

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The federal tax plan does not deliver meaningful tax reform for Montanans.

Earlier this month, Senator Steve Daines penned an opinion piece on this year’s Tax Day to highlight the massive federal tax bill that Congress...

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MBPC's first report on housing coming Thursday

More and more, Montanan families struggle to afford a safe and stable place to call home. Tomorrow, the Montana Budget and Policy Center will release...

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It's Tax Day – and if we love Montana, then we should fund Montana.

Today is what many people refer to as Tax Day. It is more than the deadline to file our tax returns. This is the day we look around our state and...

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State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - SUDs Treatment Services

SUDs Treatment Services. This blog is the fourth in a series to bring to light the impacts that state budget cuts have on the lives of everyday...

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State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences. This blog is the third in a series to bring to light the real-life impacts of the state budget cuts. We began this...

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State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series - Targeted case management and mental health services

Targeted case management & mental health services have been drastically cut. "This is taking away the most valuable service of keeping people in...

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FMLA turns 25, but Montana still needs policies to balance family & work

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the enactment of the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), our nation’s unpaid leave law. Much has changed...

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