Alphabet Soup: Acronyms You Should Know

Mar 06, 2020

Do you ever get confused about all of the acronyms MBPC (aka the Montana Budget & Policy Center) uses? To help clear things up, we put our 50 most common acronyms in one place.

ABAWD             Able-Bodied Adult Without Dependents

ACA                    Affordable Care Act

ACS                     American Community Survey

ANB                    Average Number Belonging

ARM                   Administrative Rules of Montana

BBA                    Balance Budget Amendment

BIA                     Bureau of Indian Affairs

BRFSS                Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

CBO                    Congressional Budget Office

CFS                     Child and Family Services

CHAP                 Community Health Aide Program

COPP                  Commissioner of Public Practices

CTC                     Child Tax Credit

DOC                    Department of Corrections

DOJ                     Department of Justice

DOR                    Department of Revenue

DPHHS               Department of Public Health and Human Services

EBT                      Electronic Benefits Transfer

EITC                    Earned Income Tax Credit

EPP                      Executive Planning Process

FDPIR                 Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

FMLA                  Family Medical Leave Act

FTE                      Full-Time Equivalent

FY                         Fiscal Year

HMK                    Healthy Montana Kids

HUD                    Housing and Urban Development

ICWA                   Indian Child Welfare Act

IHS                       Indian Health Service

IRS                        Internal Revenue Service

LFD                       Legislative Fiscal Division

LIEAP                   Low Income Energy Assistance Program

LIHTC                   Low Income Housing Tax Credit

LOST                     Local Option Sales Tax

MUS                      Montana University System

OBPP                     Office of Budget and Program Planning

OPA                       Office of Public Assistance

OPI                        Office of Public Instruction

OTO                       One-Time-Only

RFP                        Request for Proposal

RIC                         Revenue Interim Committee

RMTLC                  Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council

SALT                      State and Local Tax Deduction

SCOTUS                Supreme Court of the United States

SNAP                     Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SSA/SSI/SSDI     Social Security Administration/Social Security Insurance/Social Security Disability Insurance

TABOR                  Tax Payers Bill of Rights

TANF                     Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TIF                         Tax Increment Financing

UI                           Unemployment Insurance

WIC                       Women Infant and Children

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