MBPC Asks For Updated and Accurate Revenue Estimates

Mar 17, 2011

"Montana House Panel Urged to Increase Revenue Estimate," Missoulian, March 17, 2011.

Tara Veazey, executive director of the Montana Budget and Policy Center, testified against the budget estimating resolution and urged the adoption of new, updated estimates based on the latest data available from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Division and the governor's budget office.

"We often hear about the need to be cautious with revenue estimates," she said. "I'd urge you to consider the other side of the equation. There are very real human, social and economic consequences of being overly cautious with your revenue estimates."

Veazey noted that the House had made more than $200 million in cuts to budgets for human services, education and infrastructure that she said threaten the health and safety of families, communities, businesses and the most vulnerable Montanans.

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