Montana Can't Wait for Medicaid Expansion

May 01, 2014

What do Montana’s stunning parks, good schools, and winding roads have to do with Medicaid expansion?Montana Medicaid Expansion

They are all things our state and local tax dollars support. Last week, we wrote about how Medicaid expansion would help create 12,000 new jobs that will generate $1.3 million in increased labor productivity every day.

But these new jobs would create more than just new employment. They will also produce $135,205 in state and local tax revenue every day – supporting our schools, parks, roads, and helping to offset the small cost of Medicaid expansion for the state.

Montana should accept federal dollars to expand our state’s Medicaid program. Every day that passes, we are asking Montanans to wait.

To wait on better roads, stronger schools, cleaner parks.

To wait on new, good paying jobs.

To wait on a robust economy.

To wait on receiving the health care coverage they need.

 Montana can’t wait any longer. It’s time to expand Medicaid.

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