Presentations and Testimony

MBPC travels around the state giving presentations to a variety of organizations to arm them with accurate information on a range of state and federal budget policies. MBPC is present during the legislative sessions and interim committee meetings to provide legislators with information on policies that can improve the lives of low- to moderate-income families.

2020 DPHHS Budget Overview

This presentation is on the budget and divisions within the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and how Medicaid works in Montana. It was delivered by Lois Steinbeck who worked for the Montana Legislative Fiscal Division for more than two decades, leading the division’s analysis on Medicaid and health and human services. It was presented to legislative candidates in June 2020.


2020 Overview of Montana's Budget and Tax Structure

Montana's budget and tax structure can be complicated. The first part of this presentation gives an overview of Montana's state budget, the various funds that make up Montana’s budget, and the steps the legislature takes to pass a budget. It was delivered by Heather O'Loughlin, co-director at MBPC. The second half was presented by Mike Kadas former director of the Department of Revenue. He presented in-depth review of taxes and revenue in Montana. This webinar was presented to legislative candidates in June 2020.


MBPC Testimony in Support of House Bill 425 and Opposing HB 658

Read the testimony presented by Heather O'Loughlin in support of House Bill 425 - Revise and make permanent Medicaid expansion and opposing House Bill 658 - Generally revise healthcare laws and permanently expand Medicaid.  


MBPC Testimony in Support of Senate Bill 18

Read Heather O'Loughlin's testimony in support of Senate Bill 18 - Establish workforce housing tax credits.


MBPC Testimony in Opposition of House Bill 148

Read the full text from Heather O'Loughlin's testimony in opposition of House Bill 148 to the House Committee on Taxation.


A Balanced Approach: A Call for Revenue

This presentation provides an overview of budget and tax policy in Montana, the various funds that make up Montana’s budget, and revenue options to get our state back on track. Heather O'Loughlin, co-director at the Montana Budget and Policy Center, delivered this presentation on November 14, 2018.  


Montana Budget: Recent Actions and Where We Stand

This presentation provides an overview of the Montana state budget and focuses on the local impacts of statewide budget cuts taken in 2017. It also provides a brief outlook of the 2021 biennium budget agency base levels and budgetary pressures. Heather O'Loughlin, Co-Director at Montana Budget and Policy Center, delivered this presentation on November 14, 2018.


Montana Nonprofit Association 2018 Conference

Speakers: Heather O'Loughlin Co-Director, Montana Budget and Policy Center; Sarah Howell, Executive Director, Montana Women Vote In 2017, the state legislature cut over $350 million from the state budget. By the end of 2017, cuts to health and human services totaled $95 million in state funds, resulting in the loss of over $100 million in federal funds. These cuts have decimated many programs for Montana’s most vulnerable families, and nonprofits service providers across the state are facing greater pressure with fewer dollars. How did we get here? What might we expect in the 2019 session? How can nonprofits and the nonprofit sector play a greater role in advancing solid public policy that helps, not hurts, our families and our neighbors? This presentation will walk through actions taken during the session and how nonprofits can share their experiences to help fight for greater investments in our communities. Presenters will provide specific tools to engage its board, members, and others, and strategies to reach policymakers.

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