the montana budget
the montana budget

Menu of Revenue Options for a Balanced Approach to Montana's Economic Recovery

Legislators are already considering options for closing the revenue shortfall in our next state budget. Unfortunately, most of the options being considered are cuts to the programs that educate our children, keep our families and communities healthy and safe, and help our most vulnerable neighbors make ends meet. These programs also create jobs for teachers, nurses, and other workers throughout the state. A cuts-only approach will result in laid off workers, cancelled contracts, students unprepared for a new economy and a further drag on our already struggling economy.

Legislative staff has released over 100 options for dealing with our budget challenges; the vast majority propose harmful cuts to state services, and only a few of them find new ways to raise revenue.

The Montana Budget and Policy Center offers the following menu of revenue options as potential mechanisms for meeting our revenue challenges with a more balanced approach. We offer the menu as a first step in demonstrating the diverse options that exist for maintaining funding for the public structures that make Montana a great place to live and work.

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