the montana budget
the montana budget

Recap: Montana's 64th Legislative Session

The quality of life we enjoy in our state is directly connected to the public systems and structures we have created over many decades. Our parks and trails, quality schools, and reliable roads make our communities great places to live and work. The state budget created during the 2015 Legislative Session will, for the most part, maintain the public systems we rely on every day, as well as, invest new dollars into our local economies to help our neighbors and friends. However, the legislature left some holes that will undermine our communities’ well being.

The 2015 Legislative Session was an incredible opportunity for Montana, an opportunity to reinvest in our state following a 2013 Legislature that refused to reach compromise on many of the issues to move Montana and its citizens forward. It was a chance to wisely invest state dollars in ways that help our families and boost our economy. This year, the legislature successfully expanded health care coverage to those most in need, maintained strong support for Montana’s schools, and invested new dollars into Indian Country. However, state policymakers left Helena without addressing some key issues important to our communities, including investments in pre-K and long-term infrastructure projects. Policymakers also failed to take action to ensure large corporations are paying their fair share for the ongoing infrastructure and social services needs in eastern Montana and across the state.

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