Bonding: An opportunity to invest in Montana

The state of Montana has never had a better opportunity to address infrastructure needs through bonding than right now, and that opportunity begins to...

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The Next Steps for Medicaid Expansion

The Montana Budget and Policy Center is celebrating this week, as legislators on both sides of the aisle worked together to pass Medicaid expansion in...

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Wonky Word Wednesday: Sine Die

In February, I talked about one of my favorite legislative words, transmittal, which is the halfway point of the legislative session. As important as...

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It's Tax Day - Hooray! Let's Invest in Montana.

Today is what many people refer to as Tax Day, and not always with a smile on their faces. But you know what? We’d all be a lot less better off if...

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We Pay, Why Don’t They?

Wednesday is Tax Day! We’re building off of yesterday’s blog post, which examined who pays taxes in Montana. As you know, Montana’s lower-income...

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Who Pays Taxes in Montana?

T-minus 2 days until Tax Day…Hooray! Why are we so excited about tax day you ask? Because it is through our taxes that we collectively invest in...

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ICYMI: Legislative Progress Related to Indian Country

In case you missed it, there has been a lot of action in the Montana legislature this week that impacts tribal communities throughout the state....

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New Data Shows Medicaid Expansion Is a Solid Budget Decision for States

New data shows states that have expanded Medicaid have already experienced significant revenue gains and savings. A recent report by the State Health...

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