BBB provides critical, common-sense investments in housing affordability

Nov 04, 2021

On October 28th, President Biden proposed the "Build Back Better Act" framework, providing $150 billion in affordable housing investments. The Build Back Better (BBB) Act's plan for affordable housing represents a comprehensive approach to tackling our nation's housing crisis. By expanding rental assistance, increasing the number of homes affordable to households living on low incomes, and supporting local governments seeking to dismantle exclusionary zoning and discriminatory land-use policies, we can significantly impact the housing crisis across Montana. There are many components in the proposed framework, and we highlight several key investments below. 

The targeted housing investments and complementary expansion of federal tax credits supporting those investments would provide greater levels of affordability, stability, and opportunity for those struggling to keep a roof over their heads. A failure to invest in housing has led to the crisis we find ourselves in today. In Montana, two out of three households living in poverty must pay more than half their income on rent. About 6,000 children are in families behind on rent payments, and many face eviction. Passing the BBB Act is our opportunity to change course by treating housing as critical infrastructure. Housing is just as important as roads, bridges, and schools. It will ensure everyone has the basic foundations we all need to lead stable and healthy lives.

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