Wonky Word Wednesdays: Appropriation

Deciding how the state invests our tax dollars is critical to how our state supports its citizens and improves our overall economy. It is this part of...

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Glacier National Park: A Smart Public Investment

The Montana Budget and Policy Center advocates using our tax dollars to invest in infrastructure and policies that create jobs and boost our state...

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Protested Taxes: Local Communities Left in Limbo

Last week, the Montana Department of Revenue announced a settlement agreement with Verizon Wireless related to how the Department would value...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Protested Taxes

As you may remember, the Montana Budget and Policy Center was heavily involved in the push against I-172 – the Charter Communications ballot...

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"Getting by" Without a Bank

The Atlantic just published a great article on how difficult it is to handle money issues when you are poor. When You're Poor, Money Is Expensive...

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Wonky Words Wednesdays: General Fund

Did you know that the Montana Office of Budget Program and Planning (OBPP) is in full budget planning for the next Legislative Session in 2015? In...

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State Tribal Colleges: An Important Investment

Investing state funds in tribal colleges is a smart use of state dollars. Tribal colleges benefit our state by providing a quality, affordable higher...

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On the Blog: US vs Belgium

Last week, we watched US play Germany and throughout the match discussed the various scenarios that would allow us to move on to the knockout bracket....

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