Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Improving UI to better help victims

The month of October is designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month, where we come together to mourn those who have lost their lives to domestic...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Unemployment Insurance

Yesterday, we released a report titled Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Montana Workers. In the report we highlighted the fact that women,...

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Guest Blog: Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Montana Workers

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a crucial means of supporting workers when they become unemployed. For workers and their families, the loss of a job...

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American Indian Heritage Day: Why it matters to us

Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, rode horseback from state to state, seeking approval for a day to honor Indians. On December 14, 1915, he presented...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Concentric Circles

Today is the last in our series of back-to-school wonky words. We really geeked out last week with GTB, but hold onto your hats, this week we bring...

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Paid Leave: The US is further behind than you realized

If you’ve read our blog over the summer, it is clear that paid leave is an issue MBPC cares about. Paid leave policies provide workers with the time...

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Census Poverty Data

Unfortunate news today, the number of Montanans experiencing poverty increased in 2013. This highlights the point that many people have not yet...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Guaranteed Tax Base

Part three of our back-to-school series is Guaranteed Tax Base. If you want to be cool, just call it GTB. To begin, let me be clear - GTB is very...

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