Wonky Word Wednesdays: Homestead Exemption

We continue our series on property taxes. Today we will focus on the homestead exemption. Simply put, the homestead exemption is a way to reduce...

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On the Road: Talking about the economic benefits of pre-K

By investing in pre-K programs, we know Montana will experience significant short-term and long-term economic returns. Children will be better...

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We All Do Better When We All Do Better

Last week, the Missoula Independent published an interesting article about the fight the city is in to buy Mountain Water. As thought provoking as the...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Market Value

On June 18, we selected reappraisal for our wonky word because the state begins its next reappraisal cycle Jan 2015. And since we are wonks who like...

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Improving UI to better help victims

The month of October is designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month, where we come together to mourn those who have lost their lives to domestic...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Unemployment Insurance

Yesterday, we released a report titled Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Montana Workers. In the report we highlighted the fact that women,...

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Guest Blog: Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Montana Workers

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a crucial means of supporting workers when they become unemployed. For workers and their families, the loss of a job...

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American Indian Heritage Day: Why it matters to us

Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, rode horseback from state to state, seeking approval for a day to honor Indians. On December 14, 1915, he presented...

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