Wonky Word Wednesday - Ending Fund Balance

This session – like most sessions – there is an ongoing discussion about what Montana’s “ending fund balance” should and will be. But there...

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Montanan Women Can't Afford to Make Do With Less

I recommend listening to Dolly sing 9 to 5 as you read for maximum blog enjoyment. Did you know that women working in Montana are still only making...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Nonbeneficiary

This week, MBPC testified in favor of HB 196 titled Generally revise laws related to tribal colleges and other community colleges, sponsored by Susan...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Bonding

This week Governor Bullock’s infrastructure bill, called the Build Montana Act (HB5), had a hearing in the Joint Appropriations Sub-Committee on...

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A Constitutional Convention Will Bring Sweeping and Unforeseen Changes to Montana

Currently, there are efforts in Montana to call a constitutional convention, which could result in sweeping changes to the U.S. Constitution and harm...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Uncompensated Care

We are back! After the Holidays (and a nasty cold last week) Wonky Word Wednesdays is back in action. For the past three years, MBPC has made...

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Wonky Word Wednesday: Legislative Summit

Ok, I admit this is not really a wonky word. However, our 2nd Legislative Summit is coming up next week on December 8 and 9, and it is all I can think...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Healthy Montana Kids

If you’ve been following our work, you know that we are dedicated to passing Medicaid expansion because we know it will help our state’s economy...

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