Census Poverty Data

Unfortunate news today, the number of Montanans experiencing poverty increased in 2013. This highlights the point that many people have not yet...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Guaranteed Tax Base

Part three of our back-to-school series is Guaranteed Tax Base. If you want to be cool, just call it GTB. To begin, let me be clear - GTB is very...

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New Data: Failure to Expand Medicaid Hinders Progress Toward Increasing Health Coverage

Today the Census Bureau released new data on the number of Montanans that have health care coverage.  About 165,000 Montanans still did not have...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Basic Entitlement

The second of our back-to-school series is basic entitlement. Remember last week we discussed per-ANB entitlement, funding to schools based on the...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: ANB

September is here and that means backpacks, school lunches, homework, and high school sports. It also means investing in teachers, classroom...

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Back to School: How are Montana Schools Funded?

By far and away one of the most important investments we can make in our economy is in the future of our youngest learners. Montana is home to over...

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Why Expanding Medicaid and Health Care Coverage Matters in Indian Country

There are a myriad of reasons why Montana should expand Medicaid – providing affordable health care coverage for up to 70,0000 Montanans and a boost...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays - Decision Package

Last week we discussed base budget. This is the starting point for building a state budget. Then the Legislature must decide what else to fund –...

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