Wonky Word Wednesday: The Federal Poverty Line

Thank you for all of the great feedback last week from our first Wonky Word Wednesday! We’ve been talking a lot lately about Medicaid Expansion in...

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School Levy Roundup

Although we typically focus on state budget issues here at MBPC, local taxes are an important part of our tax system. Last week, voters in many...

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One in Five Working Mothers Work in Low Wage Jobs

This past weekend, we celebrated our moms.  Mothers are often faced with tough decisions on how best to balance raising kids, while ensuring they...

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What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

What do moms really want this Mother’s Day? For many of Montana’s moms who work outside the home, one thing that tops the list is affordable...

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Wonky Word Wednesdays: Centrally Assessed Property Taxes

Have you ever felt like talking about the budget is a bit like taking the vocabulary part of the SATs? There are so many words that we would never use...

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Medicaid Expansion Would Benefit Indian Country

Medicaid expansion would significantly benefit Indian Country, especially in Montana.  Did you know that Montana ranks the highest of any state for...

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Montana Can't Wait for Medicaid Expansion

What do Montana’s stunning parks, good schools, and winding roads have to do with Medicaid expansion? They are all things our state and local tax...

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Montana's Missing Out on a Chance to Boost Our Economy

Last week, we wrote about the staggering amount of federal money Montana is losing every day we delay Medicaid expansion. But it doesn't stop there....

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